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Free Golf Seminars

This year, again I will be offering FREE golf seminars on a variety of topics. The presentations are designed to help you with your own individual game. They will give you a taste of my personal coaching style, philosophy and bel iefs. Anyone can attend these presentations, there is no need to sign up, just s how up!

After each session, I will be awarding free range buckets and golf lesson prizes for a select few. These group meetings are designed to be inter active in nature. This is NOT a lecture series on golf. Come prepared to have fun, learn something and ask questions. Bring a notebook and pen!

Cost: As stated above the seminars are totally FREE!

However, a “suggested” donation of $5 to $10 is appreciated. More if you like. 100% ...ALL proceeds from these events will benefit my Junior and Ladies go lfing programs here at the Bethlehem Golf Club. Thank you.

All Seminars are Rain or Shine (Topics may be changed due to we ather conditions)

  • April 27, Sunday 1:00pm -- “Setting up for Success”
    Early in the season it is WISE to revisit your set up to the ball. We will discuss Posture, Grip and Aim (PGA)
  • May 25, Sunday 11:00am -- “Putting”
    It is 43% of your game, why wouldn't you want to come this e vent? If your 3 putting once per round, that “once” too many!
  • June 28, Saturday 3:00pm -- “Chipping & Pitching”
    All those “SIMPLE” little shots around the green and ou t to 50 yards driving you crazy? This is the seminar for you!
  • July 26, Saturday 4:00pm -- “Course Management”
    Learn how to finally beat your playing partners on the weeke nd by managing your own game. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how t o minimize your mistakes on the course will help you avoid making those big numbers on the scorecard.
  • August 30, Saturday 1:00pm -- “Driver!”
    Get rid of your slice once and for all! Why have you wait ed so long? Would you like to add 10 or more yards to your drives? See you on 8/30!
  • September 13, Saturday Noon -- “Open Discussion”
    This one is up to you. Let's discuss anything YOU want to tal k about! If you stump me with an answer to your question you will win a FREE bucket or a golf lesson!

Free Evaluation

Free 15 minute evaluation for new students only. View the online schedule and select a 15 minute time to reserve with Mark. During this time Mark will evaluate your current skill level, discuss your golfing goals and make suggestions on how to attain those goals. This is a great opportunity to come in and meet Mark and ask questions. This evaluation is also eligible for May's Free Lesson Month sponsored by the PGA, and you will be eligible to win fabulous prizes in a national drawing.

Book Free Evaluation Online (For new students only):

(Please note that online scheduling does not work with ALL Smart Phones.)

May Free Lesson Month

Reserve 15 minutes online anytime during the month of May. Spend 15 minutes with Mark on a topic of your choice. Mark will provide free instruction on any topic you choose. It's a great way to meet Mark and experience his coaching style and personality. Range balls are included for the session and you will be eligible to enter into a nationally sponsored PGA contest for participating.

Book Free May 15 Minute Lesson:

(Please note that online scheduling does not work with ALL Smart Phones.)

Family Golf Night

2011 debuted the Kids Play Free program with a huge success. When an adult pays $10, the child plays for free! When two adults pay, two kids play for free -- it's that simple. The program will start on Sunday, June 1st at 6pm.

This program will have no instruction associated with it. This program is a convenient way for families to play golf together in a relaxed and comfortable environment. If your family really wants to progress with the game then a customizable family package can be arranged privately for your family with Mark. Each program is based on your needs and budget.

Learn more about Family Golf Night

Free Golf Lesson Referral

Receive a free one hour private video golf lesson ($100 value) with Mark for referring a friend for golf lessons. The referral must purchase one of the monthly or Coaches Plans (#1-2) to be eligible. You must be acknowledged by the candidate before the start of the lessons in order to receive your free lesson.

Veterans Free Golf Lesson

All veterans receive their first hour golf lesson for free from Mark. Additional lessons are discounted at the junior rate. This is a small token of appreciation for all that you have given us and our country. Disabled Vets are encouraged to apply and welcomed.